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Point of Purchase & Retail Displays

Cookie-cutter approaches have worn out their welcome. Nothing helps drive in-store sales like an imaginative point-of-purchase campaign. SPM fabricates custom-built displays, signage and graphics that engage the senses and excite the consumer. We can produce 1 or 1000 of an item, as well as high quality mock-ups in an incredibly short amount of time.  

Point of Purchase (P.O.P)

Tiltbacks, Chairbacks, Endcaps & A-Frames… These are some of the most widely used corrugated merchandising systems in today’s marketplace. And they are an effective and inexpensive tool with which to get product off the shelf. They display merchandise front and center in retail environments to grab the consumers’ attention and increase sell-through percentages up to 68% vs. shelf placement.

The problem with most non-SPM displays is well-expressed by a senior buyer of displays for one of the largest confectionary companies in North America. He was quoted as saying … “Would you believe up to 90% of the displays I purchase for retail are either not getting set-up properly or not getting set-up at all!"

The patented technology used in our displays solves setup and most common problems associated with traditional — and in many cases legacy -- point of purchase display systems. We use multiple patented display systems that are so unique, so innovative and so effective at addressing these issues head-on that it has revolutionized the most commonly used displays in the market today! These displays literally self-assemble in seconds.

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Retail Displays

Whether you need basic hanger rack or specialty store fixtures for a new or existing retail operation, we have you covered. SPM remains trusted experts in transforming a retail space into a pleasurable shopping environment. Choose from over 2,000 standard retail fixtures, wall and end units, standard and heavy duty storage shelves, display racks, and much more.

SPM can help you outfit any store from top to bottom with the latest merchandising displays and fixtures. Using top quality retail displays is a simple and smart way to draw customers into your store. Let us help you put together a unique retail business environment with perfect store displays that help your products shine! Contact us today.

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