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Branded Merchandise & Apparel

Specialty Products & Marketing has access to just about every off-the-shelf item you have ever seen. We can customize an otherwise ordinary item or fabricate something so original it becomes extraordinary. It's the things you haven't seen — or even imagined — that make SPM stand out. Your audience and your competitors will take notice of the exclusiveness and branding of your items.  Building awareness for your brand requires a comprehensive, integrated approach. 


Branded Merchandise

SPM sources high quality promotional items that are produced both domestically and globally. We will help to create value and company worth, and then turn it around with lightning speed — all while ensuring quality with our proprietary quality control processes. All of your promotional item orders are treated with premium care.  

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Apparel & Uniforms

We just don't offer to offer run-of-the-mill.  If you are in need of traditional corporate apparel and uniforms, or something completely fabricated from cloth-to-seam, SPM is your resource. Building your brand's equity and instilling employee pride requires differentiation. That means you need to offer unique apparel combinations, intricate embroidery, and the latest in decoration techniques. SPM will take on the role of policing your brand – insuring correct thread colors, sizing and placement. We are in business to make your business soar.

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