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Top New Promo Items From The 2018 ASI Show

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Posted On: Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy 2018! We started this year with a trip to Orlando, FL for the 2018 ASI Show. This trade show is held annually in multiple U.S. cities and is an opportunity to preview new and exciting promotional products, as well as network with suppliers and distributers. Xplor, Inc. team members Andrew and Dan have picked out their Top 7 favorite products from this year’s show.


Custom Ring Holder

The Custom Ring Holder features a sturdy ring that functions as both holder and stand, while the custom design highlights your brand in a completely unique way. Rotate and twist the ring for personal comfort and a variety of stand options.




Custom Phone Stand

The Custom Phone Stand is the perfect desk accessory. Molded in sturdy PVC with a completely custom design, it will get noticed and used frequently. Disassembles into two pieces for easy transport in a purse, briefcase, or backpack.



SoulKix Custom Shoes

Promo has just taken a huge step forward with the ability to create your own custom kix! Because you are the designer, the shoes you ultimately design are yours and yours only. The possibilities are endless!



Wireless Charging Pad

It is just want every tech lover has been waiting for—the wireless charging pad! This Qi100 Wireless Charging Pad is a handy charging station for all Qi-compatible devices. Just set your device on to the non-slip rubber grip top and wireless charging begins!


BeagleScout Luggage Tracker

As more-than-frequent travelers here at Xplor, Inc., this little device has definitely got our attention. A combination Bluetooth tracker and luggage tag, the BeagleScout ensures you stay connected to your most important travel pieces. The trackers alerts you when you may be leaving without your most important items, maps the location where they were last tracked, and using the app, you will know when your bag is about to come around the luggage carousel.


Memory Foam Travel Pillow

We don’t have much info on this snazzy travel pillow yet, but it sure was comfy when we tried it out. Stay tuned!



Full Color Turkish Scarf

Turkish Towels/Scarves are a hot travel item right now. In face, the Turkish Towel made our list of travel essentials in a recent blog post! This lightweight, attractive accessory can be used as a bath towel, beach towel, blanket (for picnics or on an airplane!), scarf, and much more. We’re excited to see that it can now be customized. This hot item isn’t on the market quite yet, but we’ll certainly let you know when it is.



Which new item are you most excited to see your company logo on this year? Contact us to get ‘em while they’re hot!