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The First Step To Planning a Memorable Conference

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Posted On: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

As April showers bring May flowers, what do they bring to Xplor, Inc? That is a great question, and the answer is... it brings one of our biggest annual events. Xplor, Inc. is in charge of planning and executing one of our most complex and demanding conferences, for one of our largest national brand clients. Over the years, we have learned that there are many details and decisions that go into producing a phenomenal event, but the first, and most important piece to the puzzle is to choose a theme for the conference. This step is essential for creating a memorable event for the attendees, and here are our reasons why.

A creative and meaningful theme:

  • Functions as the elevator pitch for the conference and helps potential attendees quickly understand what the event is trying to accomplish and convey.
  • Unifies objectives and provides a focus for events. This is especially helpful when planning session topics and selecting speakers.
  • Generates buzz and excitement. Your event will experience better turn out and people are bound to talk about it…even after they head home.
  • Helps speakers understand the overall purpose of the event and needs of the audience so they can better prepare the message of their presentation.
  • Brings visual appeal—the theme influences all marketing materials, signage, scheduled events, food, drinks, apparel, and giveaways.
  • Helps your conference stand out from other events going on at the same venue.


So how do you come up with a theme? This is often the perfect situation for a case of writer's block. It’s important for the theme to have meaning and be relevant to the attendees you are looking to attract. One of our favorite methods is a word dump—gather your team, get a piece of paper or white board, and dump all of the words that are important to the purpose of your conference. You will start to see patterns emerge and with the help of a good online thesaurus, you’ll soon be headed toward your conference theme.

Need more help? The Xplor Inc. team are pros at handling all of the logistics for your next event, including everything from contract negotiation to onsite coordination. Let’s talk!