Did you know? The number one reason an employee leaves their job is due to lack of recognition.


Recognizing and engaging employees is one of the most important tasks companies are faced with today. With a strong growth in the economy, the war for top candidates is going to get even tougher. The key to recruiting and retaining good employees is recognizing their performance and engaging them in a culture that promotes a positive work environment. In fact, most millennials today will not work for a company that does not offer an incentive program!

Sales or performance-based recognition programs allow companies to see an immediate return on their investment while also boosting morale, generating excitement, and motivating employees to work harder. Knowing the goal in advance is the key to the success of these programs. These programs can also be customized to all employees, not just your top performers—so everyone can be engaged and participate.

Starting with a custom-built online rewards store specific to your company’s brand, Xplor, Inc. will manage the entire process, including order management, fulfillment, and shipping. Our expert team will guide you in choosing the brands and products that your employees will be clamoring for—all at a price point that you won’t believe! Create hype and drive results with our selection of creative promotions, sales competitions, and reward incentives, all built into our service offering.

Let Xplor, Inc. design a custom and cost-effective rewards website for your business that will encourage a positive culture, engage and retain employees, and increase productivity…all leading to higher revenue.


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