What is a Shopping Experience?


Only the most thrilling and satisfying experience for your attendees, and for you! A shopping experience is a custom event during which select attendees, staff, or customers have the ability to “shop” for a gift. Rather than spending tons of $$$ on room gifts or conference gear that your attendees may use, spend those funds on something that everyone will actually use! Attendees choose what THEY want and will remember more than standard tchotchkes, rewards, or bonuses.

Our experienced specialists bring in-depth knowledge and expertise to each and every one of our shopping events. Whether you chose a sunglass fitting, custom shoe design, or a shopping spree, Xplor, Inc. will source all of the top brands at discounted prices. Our shopping event solutions provide the personal attention, pure dedication, and exceptional service you and your guests deserve.

Custom shopping events could include:

  • Top 100 Consumer Brand Names (Yeti, Calloway, Breville, Fitbit, Keurig)
  • Sunglasses & Custom Fittings (Ray-ban, Oakley)
  • Shoe Events with Custom Designs & Fittings (Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Under Armour)
  • Apparel Events with Brand Name Designers (Tori Burch, Prada, Pandora, The North Face)


Xplor provides all of the following services for your shopping experience:

  • Sampling of selected products onsite for attendees to see, feel, and touch
  • Onsite staff to answer questions and help attendees select products
  • Easy onsite ordering using a simple form or on an iPad
  • Fulfillment of all selections for attendees
  • Shipping of all selections direct to the attendees within 2 to 3 weeks of the event

 A shopping experience custom-crafted by Xplor, Inc. will make your next off-site business meeting, achievement award ceremony, conference, incentive trip, holiday party, or other event a memorable experience and a great way to say thank you!


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