Did you know? The cost to replace a salaried employee is 1.5 times that employee’s current wage.


The key to any successful organization is ENGAGEMENT, and that’s what incentive programs are all about. Keeping your franchisees, employees, or customers feeling motivated, happy, and hungry for more will deliver results. With a clearly defined incentive program, you are paving the way to reaching your goals and improving your bottom line.

Xplor, Inc. excels at creating one-of-a-kind travel incentive programs targeted to a specific audience. With the budget, target audience, and specific goals you provide, Xplor, Inc. will:

  • Design a custom marketing plan tailored to your needs and audience
  • Develop a simple method for you to track results and progress
  • Create marketing collateral and promotions to support the program
  • Track progress and engage participants to ensure goals are met
  • Manage all the details from the moment the first winner qualifies until the last traveler has safely reached home 


Each Xplor, Inc. incentive program includes these services:

Custom Designed Programs: Xplor, Inc. listens carefully to the needs and wants of our clients and their target audience to present a custom and cost-effective program that will encourage a positive culture, engage participants, and increase productivity…all leading to higher revenue.

Full-Service Planning: From program implementation to progress tracking to on-site support, each unique program we create requires extensive planning and painstaking attention to detail— and that’s where we excel.

Exceptional Experiences: Xplor, Inc. is committed (you might even call us obsessed) to providing not just any old incentive, but a memorable experience your attendees will never forget. We stay current on the latest technology and entertainment trends to keep each event engaging, captivating, and full of the WOW factor.



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