Xplor, Inc. is an incentive marketing company with a mission to deliver real results for our clients through remarkable ideas, innovative solutions, and bespoke programs. We specifically focus our expertise on assisting franchisors to develop franchisee-specific incentive programs, annual conferences, and online web stores as a one-stop shop for all franchisees marketing needs.

Our exceptional reputation for great service, innovative events, and attention to detail comes from the partnerships with our clients. Xplor, Inc. is not just a company you hire—we become a part of your team. We ask questions, understand your needs, and develop a strategy that addresses the goals for your company, franchise owners, employees, and customers.

The services we offer to franchisors include:

Incentive Programs

Xplor, Inc. listens carefully to pain points of our clients and works to develop a cost-effective incentive program that will establish a positive culture, engage franchisees, grow units, increase overall sales, and encourage growth and development.

Conference & Meeting Planning

Xplor, Inc. can provide this value added service at NO cost to the franchisor. Through our creative solutions and industry knowledge, we reduce the cost and time required from your organization while still delivering a once-in-a-lifetime WOW experience with valuable content and networking—which is the reason for a conference or meeting in the first place!

Web Stores

Your organization has spent countless hours developing your brand and building your franchise network. Let Xplor, Inc. do some of the heavy lifting to propel your company to the next level! Never worry that one of your franchisees is misusing your logo or the brand by offering a franchisee-based web store. While you approve all of the products and the branding on the products, your franchisees benefit from being able to order low minimums of marketing materials and branded merchandise. From business cards, brochures, and signage to employee uniforms and promotional products, a web store for your franchise is a MUST if you want to protect the integrity of your brand.



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