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Sunsets & Sunglasses: An Incentive Trip In Los Cabos

In our third week featuring Xplor’s recent Travel Programs, we are sharing the spectacular experience had by Senior Helpers franchise owners and guests during their annual President’s Club trip. Senior Helpers is a large national ...

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Turn An Exiting Employee Into An Engaged Employee

When an employee sits down to have the “I’m quitting” conversation with their manager, they feel obligated to give a reason for leaving. Typical reasons include getting an offer they couldn’t refuse, shorter commute time, a ...

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Recognizing Your Employees

Recognizing Your Employees Studies have found that the best work environments consist of transparent & open communication, positive work-life balance, training & development, strong team spirit, and recognition for hard work. Of those ...

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Recognizing Your Customers

Recognizing Your Customers We all grew up having our parents explain the Golden Rule, “treat others how you want to be treated”. As we grew older, we realized how great of a role the Golden Rule plays in our everyday lives. The Golden ...

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