Best West Coast Conference Destinations

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Monday, June 24, 2019

The West Coast is often overlooked as a destination for conferences and corporate events. But it shouldn’t be! Many cities in the western half of the U.S. are looking to get in on the business of travel and events. Besides incredible venues and locations, you can find fantastic off-season deals, one-of-a-kind venues, and large meeting spaces. Here are some of our favorite West Coast event destinations!

San Diego, CA 

One of our favorite things about San Diego is the diverse neighborhoods, each offering their own unique flair and flavor. Areas such as Mission Bay, the Gaslamp District (or Quarter), Coronado, and Downtown all make great choices for conferences and incentives trips with so many options available for accommodations, offsite venues, restaurants, and activities.


The Xplor, Inc. team visiting potential venues for an upcoming client event 

San Diego is also a feel-good destination, with a true focus on farm-to-table dining throughout the city, even at places like Sea World and the San Diego Zoo! Just about everything comes from local farmers and markets, attesting to the commitment towards sustainability.

The weather in San Diego is balmy and sunny year-round, the airport is in close proximity to the city, and the sunsets are breathtaking. What’s not to love?

Denver, CO

While not right on the West Coast, Denver is also overlooked as a western destination, but it’s a prime choice! Accessibility is a key reason why—Denver International Airport is a hub for three major carriers (United, Southwest, and Frontier), meaning countless options for affordable, nonstop flights into the city.

Downtown Denver offers large amounts of meeting space, making it perfect for larger conventions and expos. The food scene is currently hopping in the city, so it’s no trouble to find one-of-a-kind venues, bring unique concepts into your event, or create special excursions for attendees. Denver Beer Trail anyone? And despite potential concerns about the weather, Denver’s tourist board website boasts that 300 days of sun shine on the city each year!

In addition, a trip to the mountains is only an hour away from the city, so a mini-getaway can be added as a pre- or post-event treat! And resort destinations such as Vail, Colorado Springs, and Aspen are just the ticket for an exceptional incentive trip.

 Napa, CA

A trip to wine country is an incentive-only destination…but what an incentive it is! Due to space restrictions, Napa is not idea for conventions and conferences. But for a group of top achievers, it offers a beautiful backdrop for a well-deserved reward.


Less than two hours from San Francisco, the Napa area is home to hundreds of wineries. This offers the opportunity to create a truly unique itinerary and experience for the attendees. Incorporating local food and wine pairings into an evening meal is just one way to experience the beauty of the Napa Valley.


And it’s not just all about wine! The area boasts incredible scenery and outdoor activities, such as outdoor concerts, hot air balloon rides, water activities at Lake Berryessa, and of course, the chance to visit the golf course.




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