Pop Up Shop Success

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Thursday, June 6, 2019

At this year’s annual Save Our Seabirds Soiree (see full write up here), we were excited to introduce a SOS-themed pop up shop during the event for the first time. The shop was set up outside by the silent auction items and manned by Xplor, Inc. team members Andrew and Katelin.

Kathleen, Ally, and Renata worked with the SOS board to source and choose the inventory, which focused on high-end retail brands that would be easily recognizable by attendees. This included men’s and women’s North Face jackets with the SOS logo and Welly water bottles with SOS branding. In addition, the SOS event features a different bird each year, and regular attendees of the event like to collect the birds. This year, a plush peacock was available to purchase at the shop. Reusable tote bags with SOS branding were used as shopping bags for purchases.


The top selling item at the shop was the North Face jackets, with a board member even placing an additional order after the event. All leftover items were transported to the SOS headquarters, where they are available for purchase. All proceeds from the sales went directly to SOS. Purchases were made using iPads that were linked to SOS’s Paypal account, so funds went directly to SOS without Xplor being the middle man.

Overall, the pop up shop was a success. We are already planning a similar pop up for a client’s large national conference coming up this fall, and we expect pop up shops to be a fun and unique part of many of our upcoming events and conferences.



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