Reverse Trade Show at Franchise Expo South

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Last week, Anju, Andrew, and Kathleen attended Franchise Expo South in Fort Lauderdale. The purpose of this show is for entrepreneurs who are considering buying a franchise to have the opportunity to learn about many franchise concepts in a short amount of time. Over 200 franchise concepts set up booths on the exhibit floor to meet the potential franchise buyers who were strolling around the exhibit floor. But Xplor, Inc. doesn't sell why were we there? Our goal was to sell Xplor, Inc.'s services to the franchisors, so we did what we call a reverse trade show! We walked around the show, pitching our services (mainly recruiting events) to the franchisors in attendance. Click here to read more about our Philadelphia recruiting event and click here to read a recap of our Denver event.

Denver Recruiting Event

Overall, we received positive feedback and a lot of interest! Franchisors are looking for new and unique ways to stand out from the competition, get their brand noticed, and sell more franchises. Our recruiting events do just that. In comparison to a standard franchise discovery day, these events garner a lot of attention and generate excitement about the brand hosting the event. Because our events are are in a fun, casual, and social setting, it doesn't appear as a hard sell, and we are able to attract more people to attend. Potential buyers can learn about the franchise concept in a relaxed setting. Generally, we find that a sporting event works best, but you never know and it all depends on the brand, location, and target audience.


Philadelphia Recruiting Event

We finished out the day with several good leads that we hope to develop into business relationships with over the next several months. Stay tuned to see how it all progresses!


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