Xplor, Inc.'s 2018 Year In Review

2018 has been an incredible year of growth and new adventures for Xplor, Inc.! The office has been humming, especially with two new hires on staff, and our travel schedule was as crazy as ever. We've explored new places, visited old favorites, met so many new and incredible people, learned about cultures around the world, and stayed on the cutting edge of our industry with new programs and services. Wow, we really have been busy! Here's a few highlights from 2018 at Xplor.

We are so excited to welcome Katelin Praizner, Promotions Manager, and Ally Abildness, Executive Assistant, to the Xplor, Inc. family.  Both of these women are outstanding, energetic, and have already shown such a huge value to team Xplor!


                                                                     Katelin Praizner                                                                                     Ally Abildness

This year was definitely a year for learning and growth at Xplor.  All of our team members had the opportunity to learn the travel side of the company and they each learned so much about what it takes to put on the events, trips and conferences at a high level. Some of the highlights of this year included a shopping event in Lanai, Hawaii and helping Rock Steady Boxing launch their inaugural CoachConference in Philadelphia, PA, featuring Rasheda Ali! Other destinations included: Las Vegas, NV; Whistler, BC, Canada; Costa Rica; St. Louis, MO; Philadelphia, PA; Puerto Rico; Park City, UT; Chicago, IL; Aruba; Panama; Dominican Republic; Mexico; and more!


One of the most exciting new offerings from 2018 is our full-service Recruiting Events. We learned that one of the major pain points for our clients came from the goal to recruit the best potential franchise owners in a specific area. The Xplor team put our thinking caps on and worked with our clients to plan WOW events to solve this problem, including everything from an innovative direct mail campaign to registration management to the execution of the event.  Owing to the recognition of this pain point, we have now  honed and developed top notch recruiting events that have produced great results! 



On the promotions side we helped Mercy Healthcare roll out their water initiative by producing over 70,000 tumblers for their co-workers in efforts to eliminate the use of bottled water in all of their facilities.



Xplor, Inc. sales grew by 25% this year and we are looking to hit the $4 Million mark in 2019! We are looking forward to seeing with the new year holds for us and our clients!



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