The Compass: Helping Us Help You

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Xplor, Inc. is very excited to announce their new 2019 collaborative workbook, The Compass!  

Team Xplor wants to help guide your company and its event towards the WOW experience it’s supposed to be, and what better way to help us help you than using a guiding compass!? Launching for 2019 corporate events, Xplor will be introducing this comprehensive planning guide that starts from the very initial beginning of your event through the post event. This start to finish agenda allows our clients the ability to plan, budget and think about the event in a large-scale picture – and makes it easier to plan because we know what your vision is from the very beginning!

This is a creative, engaging, and fun way for your company and Team Xplor to outline each detail needed to make your conference a success and a memorable experience for each of your attendees. Designed to act as a blueprint for the whole planning process of the event, Team Xplor is able to organize each aspect of the conference from pre-event touches up until the post-event touches, to fix an issue before it even happens! By constructing a strategic plan that details exactly how your company can gain visibility throughout the entire process of planning and execution, Team Xplor has thought of everything needed to go into this process. 

Whether it's figuring out when to schedule email blasts to the attendees or what kind of promotional items you want to give away, Team Xplor will help guide you through any waters with the help of your Compass! 


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