The Benefits Of Having An E-Commerce Site

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Sales or performance-based recognition programs allow companies to see an immediate return on their investment while also boosting morale, generating excitement, and motivating employees to work harder. Knowing the goal in advance is the key to the success of these programs, which can also be customized to all employees, not just your top earners—so everyone can be engaged and participate.

Another great benefit to an e-commerce site is that it provides a convenient one-stop-shop for everyone. Whether you need to outfit your team in branded apparel or order office supplies, such as custom business cards and name badges, an e-store takes the guesswork out of where to go for all your needs, by allowing us to provide all these services in a single transaction.



The process of setting up an e-commerce site with Xplor, Inc. starts with the most fun part for our clients—selecting the merchandise to be included on the site! With over 150 preferred suppliers, Xplor, Inc. can help to narrow down the search to key products that will represent the client’s brand effectively. We send samples of products for the client to touch and test to ensure the highest quality materials are selected, all while customizing the look and feel of the online storefront. The user experience is critical to the success of an e-store, so we dedicate the time and effort into making sure no details are overlooked. Clients have access to program management solutions tailored specifically to provide coordination and efficiency in the branding, control, and acquisition of the client’s branded merchandise.



Once you set up an e-commerce site with Xplor, Inc., the support doesn’t stop there. Our team provides full, ongoing support to help make your e-store a success. This includes:

  • Comprehensive catalog, frequently updated
  • Tiered pricing structures
  • Incentive rebate options
  • Branded identity and logo control
  • Account management of day-to-day operations,
    including full customer service and call center
  • Online ordering
  • Reporting capabilities
  • New or unique products to support a promotion
  • Inventory management
  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Track and update budgets for departments and salespeople
  • Catalog of products without the worry of inventory commitment




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