10 Top Incentive Travel Destinations

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Wednesday, March 7, 2012

At Xplor, Inc., planning incredible, seamless, and affordable incentive trips and business meetings is one of our specialties! Did you know that in a recent survey, employees selected TRAVEL as the number one incentive, over cash? Check out our list of top group travel destinations and start thinking about you can show your dedicated employees they are appreciated through an incentive trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth!


Dublin, Ireland

With the charm of Dublin and the many enchanted castles in the surrounding countryside, a Dublin or Country Split program makes a WOW incentive for any group. 


Scottsdale, Arizona

If you’re looking to stay state-side, Scottsdale’s year-round warm weather combined with an abundance of high-end hotels and resorts make this city a top choice for incentive trips and annual meetings.



Los Cabos, Mexico

With its spectacular setting, gorgeous resorts, and warm Pacific breezes, Los Cabos is a stand out as far as Mexican destinations go. Just picture it…lunch events on the outdoor terrace, relaxing by the pool, and a gala dinner on the beach…the attendees won’t want to leave!


Paris, France

No matter which time of year your group will be traveling, Paris is the ideal setting. Unique and memorable experiences abound, such as dinner and a show at Moulin Rouge, a Parisian wine and cheese cocktail party, or a selfie sightseeing contest!


Costa Rica

Whether you travel towards San Jose to see the rain forest, or the coast of Guanacaste to experience the beaches, you are guaranteed to meet the friendliest and kindest people who will welcome you to their country with open arms.


Cape Town, South Africa

This is a bucket list choice for everyone no matter what your interests are. A country known for diversity, South Africa will bring you the rawness of nature in an exhilarating safari experience, and still satisfy the most sophisticated travelers with the urban and chic Cape Town.



Hong Kong

Any incentive trip to Asia must include a stop in this dynamic city. Hong Kong’s bustle and night market gives New York a run for its money and the famed title, “The City That Never Sleeps.” Where else can you shop for Louis Vitton and Rolex at 2 a.m.? 



New Zealand

This diverse country feels like no other place on earth. While many incentive trips travel to nearby Australia, those that go the extra step to land in New Zealand are always captivated by its wild beauty and tranquility.



Vancouver & Whistler, Canada

Whether you travel in summer or winter, this combo incentive destination will blow you away with its picturesque beauty and bountiful activities. Spend three days in Vancouver before heading three hours north to Whistler, home of the 2010 Olympic games.


Quebec City, Canada

While this selection may surprise the avid traveler, QC is a great incentive destination for those who would like to travel to Europe, but are on a tighter budget. With a European flair, this French-speaking city will both engage and excite you—making you forget you are in still in North America!



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