Behind The Scenes: Travel Incentive Site Selection

Posted by: Xplor, Inc. on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Continuing on our blog post theme from last week that shared the details of a conference site inspection, this week are taking a more in-depth look at incentive trip site inspections. When we are doing a site inspection for an incentive trip, we look for the following at each potential hotel:

  • High end guest accommodations—rooms must be larger than 500 sq. ft., have two sinks, and comfortably fit two guests
  • Rooms and hotel spaces have scenic views
  • Luxurious amenities available, from the in-room toiletries and mini-bar to hotel services and recreation
  • WOW function space, preferably outside spaces or with a spectacular view


Specific to the destination, we are looking for:

  • Availability of fun group activities that can showcase the destination and help attendees get to know each other in an informal setting
  • Entertainment—great performances showcasing local culture that will WOW the attendees!
  • Particularly when the destination is outside of the United States, we always look to include tours of the area and sights to give attendees an experience and help them connect with the local flavor and culture
  • Unique venues outside the hotel—we look for spaces that will allow us to use our creativity to create WOW events and experiences for our clients
  • We check every detail to make sure our transportation is top notch, including working restrooms, air conditioning, and experiences drivers and guides
  • Meeting with local destination experts is key to finding the best partners to help us showcase the destination for our client

Ultimately, the goal of a site inspection for an incentive trip is to gather as much information and ideas as possible to allow us to create a once in a lifetime experience for our attendees and clients. Anyone can go to Mexico, Ireland, or Paris…but going on an Xplor, Inc. designed incentive trip makes it a truly memorable adventure!



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