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These days, it’s easier than ever to plan a standard off-site meeting or conference. A plentiful number of website and even apps make it simple to schedule a time, invite attendees, and plan an agenda. But what if you want more than a meeting? What if you want to give your attendees an experience—a memorable event from which they walk away energized, enthused, and raving to friends and colleagues? That’s where Xplor, Inc. enters the scene, ready to upgrade a regular old meeting to something truly memorable and invigorating.

Glitter in a Glass during the Save Our Seabirds Sunset Soiree--
one lucky attendee pulled a one-carat diamond out of their bubbly!

With the advances of technology setting a new tone for the way we live our lives, and the millennial generation demanding more of their employers, it is more important than ever to turn business events into a mind-blowing experience providing lifelong memories, during which hosts are able to share crucial content and convey key messages.

It’s thinking outside the box at a whole new level, coming up with innovative and creative ways to hold meetings. Simple additions such as couches instead of row of chairs during a presentation, charging stations for electronics, and an always-available drink and snack bar allow the attendees to feel comfortable and relaxed and set the tone for a new kind of meeting experience.

Couches make it comfy at the Hosts Global Forum 2017


Dinners and award banquets can be made more entertaining with creative ideas such as whiskey bars, photo booths, red carpets, or a poet station (attendees receiving on-demand poems about their chosen subject from an actual poet)! And did you know that the standard hotel-provided décor and linens are NOT required? Make your event space come alive by matching eye-catching, lively décor to the theme of your event.

Using custom decor and linens to turn an ordinary hotel venue into a destination!


Technology is obviously an area of huge advancements in meeting planning, and there are two major ways to take advantage—smooth logistics and extreme fun! Real time surveys during a presentation can engage attendees and enhance the delivery of the message. Speaking of engaging your audience, have you heard of Catchbox? It is a wireless audio system that includes a mic you can throw—yes, literally throw—into the audience to allow attendees to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Send a drone flying overhead with the images projected on stage, and your audience will be fully living in the moment and loving it—no one nodding off here!



And now, of course, the most important reason to attend any conference or meeting…the swag bag. Step up your game by offering a deluxe swag bag that includes everything an attendee would need for the location (for example, sunscreen, Rayban sunglasses, sleek stainless steel water bottle, and an oversized, branded beach towel). It’s all more affordable than you might think, and leaves quite an impression.


Swag bag from the Senior Helpers President's Club trip to Los Cabos


In addition to handing out a unique bag of goodies, an on-site photo printing station allows attendees to take home the memories they’ve made, on the spot. Another alternative to swag bags is to offer an exclusive Shopping Experience, during which winners shop at a private event and choose one item to take home, with fabulous goodies such as Tory Burch purses, Yeti coolers, Calloway golf clubs, and Breville appliances on offer.


The Xplor, Inc. Sunglasses Shopping Experience


Like what you’ve read? It’s only the tip of the iceberg here at Xplor, Inc. We are overflowing with ideas to make your next event a WOW experience that everyone will remember!


The beer-packing burrow at the 
2017 Sysco Canada Foodservice Insights Symposium in Phoenix, AZ




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